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Personal Fitness Tests provides useful tools to help you to work towards and achieve your goals. Not only do we provide challenging tests, but by using these regularly could also increase your muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular capacity.

Fitness testing is a way of gaining information about the health related and skill related components of a participants fitness. Testing can take place in a number of environments, with laboratory testing being the most accurate; however there is still a large range of tests that can be carried out, away from a lab, which provide a lot of useful information.

Personal Fitness Tests offers all of its fitness testing products on MP3 and CD, together with information booklets to accompany the tests. The fitness tests that are currently available are:

The Bleep Test
The Bleep Press-up Test
The Bleep Sit-up Test
The Bleep Personal Fitness Test
The Bleep Test Training Program

Personal Fitness Tests, formed in 2009 and are a leading supplier of fitness testing products, using advice and guidance from the very best sports healthcares Worldwide, we specialise in providing exceptional quality products for use in sports and fitness training.

We are a major supplier of fitness testing products to trainers at teams including cross country, football, hockey, rugby, cricket, netball, soccer or tennis and are employed by many international sporting teams and government organisations such as the Police, Fire Service and the HM Forces as an accurate test of upper body strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness, parts of the all-important "Components of Fitness". We supply our fitness testing products throughout the UK, US and the rest of Europe.

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